Daniel Taub Defied the Odds to Bring the UK and Israel Closer

Daniel Taub is the former Israeli Ambassador to the UK. The British native served in the ambassador position since 2011 for a single term. In a country that is known for its particular attention to dress and decorum, Daniel Taub was open right from the start about his faith and beliefs.

They were just as important as the job. His kippah remained squarely on his head even when he presented his credentials to the Queen.

He is a practicing Orthodox Jew. He sacrificed his British citizenship for a chance to bring his homeland closer to the UK. He has been widely successful, and his farewell reception was a testament to that fact. It was a sad day for the Jewish community in the UK to see him go. He leaves a legacy of being the most prominent Israeli envoy in a long time.

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His term has been busy. He managed to make the case for Israel on various fronts. This includes the media, business community as well as the academic industry.

He has achieved mutually beneficial cooperation and strategic collaboration for both countries. Daniel Taub underlined the importance of a good relationship with Britain. It is the world’s financial hub and an influential player in the geopolitics in Europe.

He selflessly and brilliantly communicated the position of the Israeli people and their leadership to the UK government. He achieved this at a time when the turmoil in the Middle East would not let up. He has a lot to be proud about. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.parashadiplomatit.co.il/ and http://דניאלטאוב.co.il/wp-admin

There is better alignment to Israel from key corners in the region including Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. This has created opportunity points for peace and cooperation in the region.

He cites the ongoing strong relationship with the US as a definitive step in the right direction. He hopes to see closer relations between the Labor Party in Israel and the UK. He is adamant they have a lot of similarities in their ideologies. He is excited to have nurtured the key bridge between Israel and the Jewish communities in the UK.

Besides being a diplomat, Daniel Taub is also a legal advisor and an author. He has published numerous pieces covering Israel. He is the author of the book Parasha Diplomatit, a humorous review of the weekly Torah reading.

He moved back to Israel at the end of his term. He serves as a director of the Rothschild Foundation in Israel. He also presents at the annual Limmud forum.

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