George Soros Wears A Reformists’ Hat Through Charity

The character of George Soros is perhaps a clear reflection of how the underprivileged in society can wade through the nasty waters of injustice as young people. Soros was born in Hungary. His childhood encompassed difficulties because he grew up amidst political chaos. Experiencing first hand inhumanity, Soros barely survived when Jews were assassinated by the Nazi. He had to live through the regime even though over 500,000 lost their lives and George Soros’s lacrosse camp. His family survived by securing falsified identities. By securing those documents, Soros also concealed his background. He did not leave his neighbors behind. He has been quoted stating that instead of selling off their fate, they resisted the evil force because they were stronger and more determined to survive and what George Soros knows.

Soros flees Budapest

The communists garnered power in Soros’ land. He had to leave his country in 1947. Landing in London, he wore his hard working character in search for employment. That is why he worked as a porter and a club waiter at night. All this was channeled towards supporting his education. Soros was a dedicated student at London School of Economics. He loved a book by Karl Popper. The book had a lot of content on humanism and philosophy. Karl was a symbol of philosophy. His works depicted the commitment he exuded as a philosopher who applied science in life as well. It is from the contents of this book that Soros derived the idea of having Open Society Foundations.

The onset of business

In 1956, Soros left London for America. He was determined to change his live for the better. That is why he joined businesses with the hope of making money and transforming lives. Soros has since become a successful investor, trader and philanthropist. Perhaps it is because of his input to humanity that most charities associate with Open Society Foundations. Having suffered as a child, Soros ensures that Open Society handles such sensitive issues like child abuse to better the lives of children. Soros has been guiding Open Society Foundations for years. He uses his team of dedicated humanitarian project handlers to facilitate successful initiatives and more information click here.

Political Reforms

Soros has been a supportive reformist. To him, a second chance can go a long way into saving lives. In politics, he has been supporting reforms and candidates who depict character of reformers. Launching a hedge fund in 1970 is one the biggest success stories he carries until now. Through the hedge fund, he has been able to grow his investments in numerous ways. These investments have been useful in his contribution towards politics and humanitarian projects. Soros has been rooting for better reforms. This was reflected in the concluded presidential elections. He donated billions to see Hillary Clinton as president. Even in her loss to Trump, Soros stood by her and follow him

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