Omar Yunes managed to scoop an award on behalf of his franchise business when it had been chosen as the Best Franchise in the world. The event was held on December 5th at Florence which is in Italy. He won this due to his contributions regarding his food chain business. Amazingly, Omar had managed to be a Japanese food chain franchisee at only 21 years of age. Currently, his franchise business in Mexico owns thirteen units The units are situated in Veracruz, Mexico City as well as Puebla. He has successfully been able to manage several other franchise units apart from the thirteen which represent only 10 percent of all his franchise food chain.
Omar values his 400 workers in the 13 units and often recognizes them as the main engine propelling the success people see in his groups. Their choice of product also helps them in being where they are today. Also, that was held in 2015 has representatives from 34 nations including Portugal, Brazil, and Mexico among others, Omar stood out and won the top-most place in the countrywide chapter prize. It happened since he has become an icon franchisee- franchisee relationship. He has been able to achieve an improved management of information as well as an implementation of control panels which aid in having a vibrant measurement of every individual unit.
Lots of credit have been given to Omar especially after he won the award as the best Franchisee of the world contest. Diego Elizarrarras who organizes the BFW in Mexico commented that the winning of Omar had taken the country to another level and Mexican franchises is not a regional issue anymore.
Omar Yunes has received many comments from people on social media regarding how he is devoted to not only transforming a Franchise but also transforming lives. His award has further been commented on by the CEO of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo who viewed the awards that Omar has been able to obtain as an outward manifestation of teamwork to give clients the best products with top-notch services as well as unique hospitality. Omar is then an excellent example of initiators of partnership that being the reason why he stood out to get the award.

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