Personalized, private screening with Lifeline

Lifeline screening involves taking proactive steps in evaluating your physical health. You should note that prevention is the main aim of this practice. The Lifeline screening company was created in 1993. Its goal is identifying and preventing ailments before they turn into health hazards. Once you’ve decided that you want to figure out your health status, you can sign up with our company to schedule an appointment. For the process to run smoothly, the following are a few preparations that you need to make.

Mode of dressing

On your appointment day, you are advised to dress appropriately. Two or more loose clothing is advisable, as it will make it easier for you and the experts. Short sleeve tops and blouses are encouraged and any loosely fitting clothes beyond the waistline are preferable. Remember that lifeline screening is non-invasive. That means that you will not be required to take off your clothing at any point fully. As the screening will require your blood, bone density, general measurements and abdominal aorta, loose clothing will make the process more pleasant.

What you should eat

Our customers are advised not to take any food about four hours before they enter the exam room. A half-cup coffee or tea with a little sugar is allowed. Patients are allowed to take water since it is a natural drink that does not disrupt the body’s system.

Lotions and jewels

Patients taking the lifeline screening are advised not to apply body lotions to their skin or perfumes. Watches, necklaces, jewels, and other personal effects should be left at home during this exercise.


Patients are advised to be at the clinic at least fifteen minutes before their scheduled time. By doing this, they will have ample time to check-in and prepare for their screening.

What to expect

The lifeline screening process is an efficient and easy process. The results from your blood tests will be ready the same day, and the remaining results are emailed to you in not more than a period of fifteen days. Employees practice respect and courtesy treatment of our patients. Up-to-date medical equipment is used for screening. The screening process will take you about ninety minutes.

When conducting lifeline screening, patients are advised that it is all about prevention. They do not need to worry about the results too much. Their goals should be preventing ailments and not on the potential negative findings. The best time to have lifeline screening is now!

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