Securus Technology at War With Crime

Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 in US Dallas, Texas. It is the leading civil and justice technology solutions service provider. The renowned prison technology company has 2600 contracts with correctional facilities in the US. Securus Technologies Company has its technology applied in over 2200 correctional facilities in US and Canada. After partnering with Harris Corporation in 2016, the technology company announced its wireless containment solution in 2017 that barred contraband cell phones from connecting to mobile networks. According to the company’s reports in 2016, they had invested millions of money in advanced and modern technologies, and obtaining patents on merits of their high tech systems.



The company’s technology has revolutionized investigations of crimes, correction of inmates among other crucial aspects of prisons. The technology has seen a massive improvement in safety and protection of the society, parolees, inmates as well as their families.



The company has received numerous appreciations through letters and emails of the excellent results that have been achieved by its technology. The jails and prison officials have testified of their work becoming more relaxed with the application of this technology. Crime reductions, significant improvement in safety as well as faster resolution to crimes are just but a few of the outcomes. In one particular confession, for example, Securus Technologies made it easier to access and monitor contraband phone calls and even listen to the calls to get more tangible evidence.



Securus Technologies aims at serving and connecting through the provision of various services among them public information, investigation biometric analysis and, inmate self-service for better security. It has worked in conjunction with BBB to meet the expected standards for accreditation such transparency, trust, honesty and integrity. The technology company prides itself in its relentless efforts in developing a new product or service on a weekly basis to help combat crimes.

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