Toiny Petrello-Naturally talented business executive

Tony Petrello is the chief executive officer of an oil and drilling firm known as Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is the leading drilling firm in the world. It is a drilling firm that was founded in 1962. In the beginning, it was known as Anglo Energy before it changed its name. Anthony Petrello joined the drilling giant in 1992 after he left his job at a law firm in New York. Nabors Industries is a company that deals with oil and natural gas exploration and drilling. Nabors Industries have the best drilling rigs in the world. Their drilling services are also the best. There are more than 25 countries where they are operating.

Tony Petrello is also known to many as Anthony Petrello is a man of his words. Ever since he joined drilling firm, he was committed to helping it achieve its goals. He has never given up on this. He has worked very hard for the company and surely the success that has been recorded during his time is proof enough of a man who is dedicated to his work. He has brought this company from a medium level company to the leading company in the world. His achievements with this company are admirable to many. Not many business executives who manage to bring such huger transformation to a company. His work in the company made him one of the highest paid CEOs in the United States.

Tony Petrello tenure at the drilling firm has been marked by huge improvements in terms of services delivery by the company. The company has invested heavily in technology and human resource to help it get to its goals sufficiently. Tony Petrello has created thousands of jobs for many skilled Americans through his expansion plans in company. The company has expanded its operations greatly and the number of workers has to also increase. This is an industry that attracts very good wages to the employees.

Tony Petrello as a leading business figure has an interesting life history. Although he has managed to do all these things, he does not hold a degree in any business course. He is a mathematician and a lawyer. He holds bachelors and master in mathematics from the Yale University. He then went to Harvard School of law where he studied law. With his law degree, he worked as a lawyer and later as a managing partner of Baker & McKenzie Law firm.

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