USHEALTH Group Continues Growth of Innovative Products and Services with Newly Elected CEO

USHEALTH Group has served its members for over 50 years with innovative products and award winning customer service. The company has the highest possible rating with the Better Business Bureau.

In June 2014, USHEALTH Group announced the appointment of Troy McQuagge as President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. McQuagge was previously the company’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. He was awarded the 2017 CEO World Award for the leadership he’s provided for corporate social responsibility initiatives. Since taking the leadership role of USHEALTH Group, the company has continually provided the type of quality service and products that has been the trademark of its mission for five decades. Visit USHealth Group on Facebook.

In today’s economy, there is an extraordinary effort by consumers to receive the best value and to only invest in products that are sure to bring a maximum return for their money. USHEALTH Group not only meets those expectations, the company exceeds in every aspect; both for the member and in the insurance industry. With products such as Income Protector, USHEALTH Group has successfully launched a short term disability product that protects the consumer while also providing unprecedented flexibility. Before a need even arises, consumers are able to choose a monthly disability benefits package as well as a maximum benefit period for reimbursement.

Members of USHEALTH Group have been accustomed to receiving the highest quality service and products that serve their best interest, rather than the company’s bottom line. As a result of continued member outreach and listening to member feedback, USHEALTH Group has succeeded in leveraging the most affordable and unique products that meet their direct needs. With the company’s Service Advisors consistently building and developing a consensus of the insurance needs of consumers, USHEALTH Group has become a world leader in bringing growth, innovation and exceptional member care to the forefront of the industry.

USHEALTH Group reached its highest increase in product sales in 2017 and has been able to sustain increased revenue for five consecutive years. The impact has resulted in the company becoming 10 times larger than previous years with an increase in share price of 1,540 percent. Read more:


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