How Dr. Villanueva Has Taken Dental Practices In An All New Direction

For several years Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva was a dentist. He worked in both private practice and in a corporate setting. When he decided to start a dentist business services company this enabled him to know what the pros and cons were on both sides of the business. His company, Carrollton, Texas-based MB2 Dental Solutions, was designed to bridge this gap. It brings the benefits of being part of a bigger company to those who run their own practices.

One of the things that Dr. Villanueva knows is that many dental practitioners want help running certain aspects of their business but they also don’t want any strings attached and, most importantly, they have to maintain complete clinical autonomy. MB2 Dental Solutions accomplishes this by providing their services in a way that their affiliated dentists are comfortable with. Dr. Villanueva’s company now has over 70 affiliated locations and over 500 employees due to the way they provide their services.

One of the things that Dr. Villanueva saw when thinking about how he would design MB2 Dental Solutions is that most dental practices like it are quite boring and uninspired. His company is different because they don’t just concentrate on their profit margins but also on creating a business where everyone can have fun while serving the needs of patients in professional way. The patients of dentists who have affiliated with his company see dentists that don’t have to worry about running a company on top of serving patients from the chair, instead the dentist’s full focus is on them.

Dr. Villanueva has said that he does his best thinking late at night, after his four children have been put to bed. This is the time in which his best ideas come to him about how to expand MB2 Dental Solutions and how they can meet their affiliated dentist’s needs even better. Another thing he says about running his company is that he really dislikes micromanaging. Instead, he hires the best employees he can and then gets out of their way so they can do their job without interference.

One of the ways that Dr. Villanueva bonds with the dentists that affiliate with his company is to conduct Owners’ Retreats twice a year. They engage in fun activities together such as going on a white-water rafting trip. One of their trips took the team to Cao San Lucas where they had a ton of activities to do.

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