MB2 Dental and Helpful Dental Practice Assistance

MB2 Dental Solutions is a celebrated dental practice management firm that has a convenient location in the center of energetic Carrollton in Texas. It’s equipped with 80 distinct affiliate branches in various other states as well. These states are Alaska, Tennessee, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and, last but not least, New Mexico. It even has affiliate branches in different parts of Texas. MB2 Dental caters to all kinds of needs that dental practices have on a daily basis. It aids dental practices with all matters that involve compliance, credentialing and recruiting. Dentists own this firm. They run it, too. That’s the reason MB2 Dental always seems to know exactly what dental practices require. The team members know from firsthand experience.

Chris Steven Villanueva is a dentist who also happens to be the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Founder of MB2 Dental Solutions. This professional encountered many setbacks that related to group practice and sole practice techniques in the dental world. That’s the reason he established MB2 Dental Solutions in the first place. His objective was to give dentists the power to simply concentrate on the things they do best. MB2 Dental Solutions was launched back in 2007. It has more than 1,000 staff members at this point.

The staff members who are on the MB2 Dental Solutions team know so much about many concepts that involve dental practice operations. They can aid dental practices with many topics that relate to finance and even accounting. Dental practices that can benefit from a little help in the monetary management realm frequently work with MB2 Dental Solutions. MB2’s professionals also have a lot of knowledge that involves topics like compliance, human resources, billing, information technology, recruitment, marketing, comprehensive training, business development and procurement. Dental practices that are looking for qualified assistance with procurement matters often turn to staff at MB2 Dental Solutions. They have procurement know-how that doesn’t have any bounds whatsoever.

Dr. Villanueva is the number one leader at MB2 Dental Solutions. There are quite a few other noteworthy leaders working for the organization, too. Justin Puckett works as the company’s President. Justin Carroll works as its Chief Operating Officer (COO). Jake Berry is the Business Development Vice President. Martha Alikacem is the CRO (Chief Revenue Officer). There are so many skilled experts on the team at MB2 Dental. The staff consists of information technology, marketing technique, human resources, compliance, procurement and operations aficionados.

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