The Reason Behind George Soros’s Philanthropy

Some people have amazing lives that don’t seem amazing at first. Ordinarily, people don’t like hearing about rough childhoods or traumatic experiences, but those are the types of events that create great people. As strange as it sounds, suffering creates the most generous people, and learn more about George Soros.

George Soros is a testament to that theory. Mr. Soros was exposed to Nazi-occupied Hungary as a boy. After the war ended and the Nazis left, Hungary adopted a Communist government. That put more pressure on Soros to make a change. When he was old enough, he left Hungary and ended up in the United States.

Once in the U.S., he began working on Wall Street. He showed some interest in hedge funds and quickly became one of the most successful hedge fund managers to ever work on Wall Street. Once he started making millions and billions, he founded his Open Society Foundations.

Soros has always had a passion for helping the helpless. He founded his own philanthropic organization so that he could help in a manner that suited his desires. Over the past three decades, George Soros has donated $18 billion to Open Society. No one knew about his overwhelming philanthropic generosity until NY Times broke the story.

Open Society is a worldwide organization, one of the largest in the world, that promotes democracy and human rights. Some would argue that his organization is the largest because no other philanthropic organization operates in as many countries as Open Society, and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Open Society operates in over 120 countries but recently has been focused on the United States. Anyone living in the United States knows that the country’s been through a lot of hard times these past few years. Without a doubt, America needs organizations like Open Society’s help to get back to a place of peace.

These days, that’s not going to be an easy task for Soros and Open Society. The main problem preventing their success is the right-side supporters. Republicans of all beliefs don’t like George Soros, and the right-wing conspiracy theorists teach them not to trust him, and

For decades, Republicans have been suspicious of George Soros. Ever since he made $1 billion by shorting the British pound, they’ve believed him to be secretly running the economy. They even accuse him of masterminding all the social issues facing America today. Of course, none of these conspiracy organizations have evidence to support any of their claims, and read full article.

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