Securus Technologies Secures Government Payment service Inc.

Securus Expansion


Securus Technologies has acquired GovPayNet in an expansion bid into its payment services business. GovPayNet is a leader in government agencies payment processing. It processes payments made to government agencies via credit or debit cards. These payments include court fines, tax payments and also real estate payments. GovPayNet, through its 2,300 agencies, covers 26% of U.S counties and is present in 35 states. Securus is a solution provider for organizations involved in Public Safety, Corrections, Law enforcement among others. Securus CEO has said the acquisition will enable the company to increase its payment processing capacity to 40 million a year. The acquisition will also help it expand to other segments of the government payment market. This will increase their market share in the lucrative sector.


About GovPaynet (Government Payment service Inc.)


The company has been an e-payment processor for various government entities for the past two decades. It was established in 1977 with an aim of helping agencies in law enforcement to handle credit card cash bail payments. It later expanded into managing payments for traffic or criminal fines, towing fees and restitution. It also covered probation oversight payments as well as electronically monitored costs. GovPayNet services cover 26% of all the counties within the United States. GovPayNet hopes to use their acquisition to expand further under Securus to accelerate their service provision and grow revenue by winning new business in areas it has not had any presence.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is one of the second largest firms in the inmate call service industry. It is headquartered in Texas and serves 3,500 law enforcement and public safety agencies within the U.S. its services include:

  • Emergency response
  • Biometric analysis
  • Investigation
  • Information management
  • Inmate self-service
  • Government payment services



Securus has been providing strong communications gadgets for its clients for over ten years.


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