Greg Secker Fights Disaster With a Boxer

Former world boxing champion Nonito Donaire set out on a second mission in life when he retired from boxing. He didn’t want to just sit around, but to go out and make a difference as a retired athlete. It wasn’t long before Donaire would get his chance. The destructive Typhoon Yolanda struck the Philippines in 2013, destroying numerous towns. One of those towns, Lloilo, lost many of its residents and homes. This gave Donaire the opportunity to team up with new The Greg Secker Foundation to provide funding and supplies to rebuild 100 homes in the town, with the project being completed in 2017.

The generosity and support of the upstart Greg Secker Foundation was a certainly reflection of its founder, Greg Secker. His fast track to entrepreneurial success only began 15 years earlier when he was fresh out of university. Although he did not major in a computer-related subject, he was hired on with Thomas Cook Financial Services as a trading system developer. He quickly impressed not only his firm, but British industry when developed the revolutionary Trading Desk System. Secker was soon hired into a vice-presidential role at Mellon Financial Corporation, where he quickly became a multi-millionaire trader. He retired before his 30th birthday and built a Forex trading floor in his own home, becoming even more successful.

Sharing in the success of Secker’s business empire, The Greg Secker Foundation was officially founded in 2010. Keeping with its mission of making a positive impact on people around the globe, it found the right opportunity in helping survivors of Typhoon Yolanda while partnering with Nonito Donaire. The foundation has had other successes in helping communities in furthering education, life skills, and leadership. It is no surprise that Secker’s philanthropic successes reflect the results of his global reach and sharing of his business spirit.

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