GoBuyside: Researching the Current Market

GoBuyside is a privately owned company based in New York that offers an extensive recruitment platform for many different clients worldwide. It was founded back in 2011 and has now grown to become a major multi-billion dollar company! Many of their services extend all throughout their headquarters in New York and even nations across the world like China, Germany, Peru, Singapore and much more! With over 10,000 firms in 500 cities worldwide, GoBuyside does business with thousands of clients no matter the location.

GoBuyside is generally a modern-time 21st century recruitment platform that specializes in partnering and working with investment managers, private equity and hedge funds, and many other advisory platforms. With GoBuyside’s professional team of experts, they have greatly gained their reputation as top-notch candidates in the firm today! In the past seven years, this company has greatly increased to over 500 companies, which is an outstanding rate of success in such a short period of time! The education that employees receive makes them different and successful in the financial industry and the recruiting process. From their well-developed technology, this company also offers high-quality screening for every candidate. They continue to work hard in providing excellent services and training for clients and employees.
GoBuyside can ultimately help with numerous project consulting matters as well.
With a large span of talent in each network, they can help you get started in no time! Lots of the services range from:

  • Researching a market
  • Starting and growing your business
  • Steps in managing your business
  • Raising capital
  • Selling your business

Each of these consulting projects are broken down to provide in-depth valuable information like:

  • Creating business plans
  • Marketing research
  • Marketing and competitive planning
  • Pricing strategies
  • Presentation development
  • Company valuation

and so much more!
The current founder and chief executive officer of GoBuyside is Arjun Kapur. He has worked hard over the years to make his company stand out from the rest. Before he started GoBuyside, he has since accomplished many great things in his life. Kapur studied and graduated from John Hopkins University where he quickly earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and finance. During that time, he also graduated from Phi Beta Kappa. Since then, after successfully completing college, he then went on to Stanford University Graduate School of Business where he was an MBA for some time and also the co-president of their Venture Capital Club. GoBuyside has provided superb services and training non-stop over each year of operating and they continues to grow in vast numbers until their completely known around the entire world!

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