How USHEALTH Transformed Randy’s As a Compassionate Human Being


Randy Hildebrandt grew up in Texas with little to think about but himself and his success as a baseballer, just like his idol, Nolan Ryan. Ryan had left remarkable records in baseball when he used to play for Major League Baseball in Texas before retiring from Baseball in 1993.

Ryan was all the motivation Randy needed, and on joining high school, he became a pitcher for Anderson Shiro High School, in Texas. As a junior, he was already making a throw of 92mph. However, his dream was short-lived when he had a shoulder disjoint, in his last year as a high schooler. Despite going through a successful shoulder surgery, Randy shoulder wouldn’t play as before, and that meant the end of a baseball career. Learn more about USHealth Advisor at

With dreams changed, Randy decided to try business and economic studies at A&M. Though he was disappointed at his major option choice, Randy finally graduated looking forward to a high paying job since that was the main reason he took the major. However, that was not forthcoming.

Desperate to make his life count, he applied for jobs through a website and lucky enough, he was called for a possible insurance job in Round Rock, by a woman called Connie. But this was not what Randy wanted, not that far and not that kind of job. However, he decided to try it.

In his first six months in this new venture, Randy was still unaware of what he was doing. It was then he decided to get a mentor in the company. The guy he chooses patiently taught him everything for a period of one year, promising him that if his career life didn’t take a turn around after the time, then he was free to leave. Read more on about USHealth Advisors West Texas

This was the breakthrough moment for Randy for after the year, Randy was not only good at his work but also in helping other. It’s after meeting with Troy McQuagge, CEO of USHEALTH, that Randy decided to fully join USHEALTH, where today he is a satellite Division Leader. The caring, and compassionate Troy whose passion for helping was tangible was contagious even to Randy.

Today, Randy lives by the principle of making other people’s lives better every day, in whatever way possible. With the USHEALTH Hope mission, it’s their everyday call to help the society.

Randy is also a father of two and a husband to Ashley. For more info, visit:


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