Dr. Mark McKenna – Inspired Doctor and Entrepreneur

The licensed medical and surgical practitioner, Dr. Mark McKenna has been nothing short of incredible throughout his journey to OVME. Through inspiration, determination, perseverance, education and strategy, Dr. Mark McKenna managed to create the vivacious OVME.

Dr. Mark McKenna was raised by parents who worked for themselves. His dad was a surgeon in a private practice and his mother owned a publishing company. Growing up, their inspiration on Mark was incredible, through constant motivation, encouragement and support from his parents, Mark was noticed by his community as a kid that would be a huge success in later years.

Dr. Mark McKenna would pursue a medical degree at Tulane University Medical School, earn a degree and later, his dad would bring him aboard to his practice where Mark would learn the art of surgery hands on. Great success, knowledge and inspiration came from dad’s practice, which would soon lead to other opportunities.

The two would talk real estate, and without too much more talking, they would pursue it. Starting a real estate development firm called, McKenna Venture Investments, Mark and his dad would accomplish great success in New Orleans, which would lead to further advancements, such as two new related businesses, Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. Unfortunately, the Hurricane Katrina disaster of 2005 would destroy most of the business, but not before advancing business to 50+ employees.

The disaster would propel Mark to move to Atlanta, Ga and rebuild. He would also become the National Medical Director of Life Time Fitness, Inc. and later, he would advance his title and move on from the corporation and become founder/CEO of a skin care retailer called, OVME.

Through OVME, customers are able to experience innovative skin health solutions regarding: botox, skin care, vascular lesion removal, lab testing, body sculpting and much more. Customers are assigned to proficient skincare providers that sufficiently delivers results as suppose.

Dr. Mark McKenna has had and still has the right attitude and vision for his career. Although Hurricane Katrina had a big impact on his career, he didn’t wane, it only made him stronger. Now, as founder and CEO of OVME, Atlanta, GA couldn’t be more proud to have such a business headquartered in their city. And with the mind, heart and spirit of Dr. Mark McKenna, the city will fare well with great community opportunities.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s Social Media: twitter.com/drmarkmckenna

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