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The amount of Hispanics/Latinos is so humongous in the Southwest that in many states the most common names are Spanish.

According to, the three most common last names in Arizona, the state where Sheriff Joe Arpaio operates, was Smith, Garcia and Johnson. Of course, Smith and Johnson are English names, though Garcia is non-mistakenly a Spanish name.

So, think about all of those people with the last name Garcia. Even though some Garcias might be illegal immigrants, many of them are not. Surely, there must be some family lines with the Garcia surname that have been in America since Arizona became a state.

Some Garcia’s might be mestizo, or full-blown Native American. Would it be right to accuse every Garcia of being “an illegal alien,” just because some might be? Of course not! Well, this is the kind of thing that “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” or better yet, “America’s Most Bigoted Sheriff,” did.

Sheriff Arpaio and the officers who worked under him sat in their cars, waiting for Latinos to drive by. They pursued those vehicles and accused the drivers of being foreigners who had come here illegally.

The people who they accused were detained until further research was done about their citizen status. People who were not illegal immigrants were caught in the madness. For them, it felt incredibly condescending to be accused of being “illegal” just because of their ethnic appearances.

U.S. District Court judges had caught wind of what was happening, and they stepped in to save the day for future victims of Sheriff Arpaio’s racial profiling. Arpaio was warned to stop the foolishness. However, he persisted at doing what he was doing. This earned him a charge of criminal contempt because it was perceived that he did not follow serious orders. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

In 2017, Arpaio was on the cusp of hearing a jail sentence when, from out of nowhere, President Trump issued him a pardon. Along with the pardon came veneration for the bum who shallowly profiled minorities. Trump praised him as a man who correctly “did his job” and was being wrongfully picked on by people with one-sided, leftist agendas.

Opponents of Sheriff Arpaio, including Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey — the founders of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, were utterly shocked and appalled at this pardon.

How could anyone with a heart pardon such a ruthless man? Sheriff Arpaio didn’t just racially profile—he persecuted critics and forced inmates to live in squalorous conditions where the needs of each prisoner were not met.

The world knows about the horrors that Sheriff Arpaio has put people through, thanks to the hard work of Larkin, Lacey and various other journalists. For years, they never neglected to report on the abuses that Sheriff Arpaio was committing in Maricopa County.

You can find stories of these abuses all over the internet. Some great resources include the website for The Phoenix New Times and the website that was launched for the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

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