MB2 Dental Takes the Stress Out of Dentistry

MB2 Dental is not your average company. They are a trade-of-all-trades and have all the bases covered so that you can get back to doing what you do best-dentistry. It takes a lot of behind-the-scenes type of stuff to keep a dentist practice running smoothly. It also takes a lot of time. MB2 Dental will take care of it all. MB2 Dental handles all the aspects of running a busy dentistry. MB2 Dental has human resources covered and promotes employee motivation and wellness, as well as employee growth and development. We also take care of all the payroll, benefits, talent acquisition, labor relations, and anything else that has to do with the human resources department.

Accounting and finance are also covered, and MB2 Dental will take care of all the accounting and tax returns that are required to run a reputable business. Credentialing services are also handled completely by MB2 Dental as well as compliance. We also offer complete IT support services such as hassle-free data management and remote as well as on-site computer support. We offer hardware installations and upgrades, and maintenance plans. Backup and disaster recovery, custom A/V installations, software implementation, and business network solutions are also our expertise. We even provide cloud network solutions, virtualization implementation, telecom, data services and surveillance installation and network solutions.

Sometimes billing and collections can be an unpleasant task, so we take care of that too. We will collect amounts due from insurance companies and third parties and are will also assist in claims submissions and payment postings. MB2 Dental will also help to grow your brand to make you and your dental practice more noticeable than all the other dental practices in order to drive more traffic to your office. If you need employees that have the same high expectations and goals that you do, we also provide qualified staff to help you run your practice. Our pre-screening process and filtering process ensures that the employees that make the cut are of top-notch quality and can get their tasks done with professionalism and friendly service.MB2 Dental will also handle all tasks involving procurement, business development, and any necessary training that may be needed. Our goal is to give you extra time to get back to what you do-dentistry and to keep your practice running efficiently. That is our specialty, and just like you, we have a reputation to uphold.

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