Eric Lefkofsky: The Serial Entrepreneur And Billionaire Behind Tempus

Eric’s hunger for success kept growing, and a year later, he and a friend launched a firm that sold technology to advertising companies. Lefkofsky’s business empire kept expanding, as he launched new companies and kept growing existing ones into global entities. His success meant that his wealth was growing as well and by 2011, he had joined the elite billionaires club.


In 2015, Eric ventured into the health sector when he co-founded Tempus Labs, a company dedicated to improving the care given to cancer patients by using technology. The company provides tumor sequencing services, cancer testing, and immune characterization of patients.

Tempus has introduced breakthrough technology such as gene editing and gene therapy. This technology has enabled treatment of diseases that were previously untreatable, such as a certain type of hereditary vision loss that usually leads to blindness.

The company has partnered with most of the cancer research centers in the country to improve its medication. Tempus staff recently worked with Stanford University scientists to develop a generic algorithm to diagnose and possibly treat some types of skin cancer.

They are also hard at work to develop a technology that uses immunotherapy to treat hematologic lesions that usually plague cancer patients. The company is developing new technology that if successful, will revolutionize treatment for conditions, such as heart disease and some eye ailments.


Eric Lefkofsky and his wife have a charity foundation that works with educational organizations worldwide to enable poor children to access proper education.

Eric is also an active member of Chicago community, serving on the boards of a Children’s hospital in the city, as well as the board of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has promised to give most of his wealth to philanthropy in future.


Eric Lefkofsky is a successful entrepreneur with interests in almost every industry. He has made crucial contributions to cancer research through his work at Tempus Labs. He is a respected member of the Chicago business community.

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