Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers Talks Future Plans and Stardom

The Chainsmokers is the latest DJ group to hit the mainstream with EDM pop hits like “Closer” and “Don’t Let Me Down” circulating at the top of the charts. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart shared in an interview about how they met and what’s next for The Chainsmokers as their audience continues to grow. Alex Pall, 32, was a DJ growing up and it was treated mostly as a hobby. After a while, Alex felt that it was more than just a side job and treated his passion as something he could focus on full-time. Alex pursued his DJing dream job and played at various gigs throughout the city and eventually formed The Chainsmokers with his former member, DJ Rhett Bixler in 2012.

It was Alex Pall’s manager who introduced him to Andrew Taggart at an art exhibition. This came shortly after his former member had left the group. Andrew was a talented and aspiring music producer who interned at Interscope Records during his college years in Upstate New York. Andrew was heavily into electronic dance music for most of his life. He became interested in the DJ scene during college and was about to move to Los Angeles, California, before he was told that The Chainsmokers needed a new member fast and they play a lot of shows. When the pair had finally met each other at that art show, they instantly knew that they’d get along swimmingly well and they soon started to collaborate on new dance tracks.

Being a DJ duo that produces new music in a highly competitive genre, Alex and Andrew both feel that they have evolved enough as a group to have built their own solid identities as artists. Andrew stated that millions of DJs and producers wish to stand out but they’re all recreating all of the stuff that was popular before them just to be safe. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart shared that they’re both avid music fans and listen to a bit of everything. The Chainsmokers have dabbled in creating tracks that mixed many genres from hip hop, pop, synth, indie, EDM and more.

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