Jordan Lindsey Believes Cryptocurrency Value is set to Increase by Great Margins within the Next Decade

It was just a couple of month ago that the value of Bitcoin dropped and created panic. But, cryptocurrency has managed to rebound and has already crossed the $11,000 mark in March. According to experts, the Bitcoin value will rise to become a single currency with the next decade. Even though it may seem excessive, but with the way the value of Bitcoin is increasing, no one would be surprised if it happens. Even Bitcoin has been experiencing some scaling issue; the solutions will be presented in the coming months. Once the problem has been resolved, the Bitcoin blockchain will have lesser fees, and the transaction process will also be enhanced to a great extent. Thus, it is no surprise that more and more people are looking to invest in cryptocurrency, but few have an idea about where to start. It is best to take advice from cryptocurrency experts such as Jordan Lindsey when investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Jordan Lindsey started his first company back in 2004 under the name JCL Capital, and it allowed average investors to make significant money using an easy Forex trading. Over the years he has also been an advisor for Energia Global and also started another company in the name of Prive Information Services. Jordan Lindsey spends time on learning about new trends and has been invited at various conferences because of his extensive knowledge on subjects such as forex trading, blockchain technology, portfolio management, hedge fund and others.

Looking at his extensive knowledge and his achievements in the trading industry, people might think that he has an engineering background. But, he had a humble educational background and completed just his graduation from St. Joseph’s College. But, it did not stop him from learning, and he learned technical skills to build algorithms on his own.

Recently in 2017, he finished creating an algorithm that would be used with the Metatrader 4 platform. He also launched Nucleus which is a crowdsale for cryptocurrency for the Waves platform. Along with it, he also introduced Bitcoin Growth Bot last year which is quite popular among its users.

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