OSI Food Solutions Makes Major Moves Towards the Future

OSI Food Solutions is ramping up production domestically while turning an eye towards foreign expansion. The company — which was just named on of America’s Top 100 Food Companies — is aggressively expanding in Europe and seeking to boost productions at home. The world is demanding more meat, and OSI is looking to deliver.

The Aurora, IL based company just announced a takeover of a struggling Tyson Foods plant in southern Chicago. The $7.4 million deal sees OSI increase its production ability while saving over 200 jobs in the process. With an existing plant nearby this factory will be fitted to produce many different meat products. This factory adds to the growing list of domestic OSI meat processing plants, increasing OSIs presence in America.OSI Food Solutions recently acquired Flagship Europe in 2016, a purchase that solidify its stand in European markets. Flagship Europe (now Creative Foods) supplies food services with frozen poultry, pies, fillings, and more. This acquisition comes at an important time for OSI, as Flagship had just acquired Calder Foods, a company responsible for sandwich fillings and dips. Control of these new markets will help expand OSI’s reach in Europe while having OSIs production capabilities will expand reach of Creative Foods.Baho foods, a deli meat and snack manufacturer provides products to the Netherlands and Germany. OSI recently acquired Baho Foods in an effort to expand its reach farther, gaining production routes in the Netherlands. Baho meats adds to a growing product portfolio for OSI. Flagship Europe and Baho see OSI gaining ground in the European market.In Spain, OSI Food Solutions has invested in high-capacity upgrade lines for one of it’s factories in Toledo. This latest improvement should see the plant double it’s production capabilities. The plant is now capable of producing 24,000 tons of poultry products annually, a big jump from 12,000 tons. This improvement sees the Toledo factory producing a massive 45,000 tons of chicken, beef, and pork products annually. This incredible production capability should give OSI the ability to meet the growing consumer demand for meat products.With aggressive competition in the meat processing industry, companies are starting to look everywhere for a way to increase their presence. OSI Food Solutions is one of the companies excelling in this area. From increased production capabilities in Spain to the acquisition of Flagship Europe and Baho foods, OSI is standing strong in the industry and making headroom for the future. etc

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