Robert Ivy Given The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

American Institute of Architects is a professional institution that is based in New York City. The institution is led by professionals who are highly experienced, and this is why it has been doing well over the years. The chief executive officer of the organization is Robert Ivy. Robert Ivy is the executive vice president of the professional organization too. Robert Ivy commands a lot of respect in America because of his numerous achievements in his line of duty. The architect is a role model to many young people who want to venture into careers complicated. Apart from being a hardworking professional, Robert Ivy is highly disciplined.

This month, Robert Ivy has all the reasons to smile. According to the news shared by the AIA on, Robert will be getting the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement honor that is offered by the prestigious Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. Getting such an honor is not a walk in the park. The businessman has been working so hard in the past, and this is why he was selected for the award. Robert will be the first professional architect to receive the popular award in the country. Other people who have received the Polk Award in the past include Morgan Freeman, Eudora Welty, Shelby Foote and Leontyne Price.

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The president of AIA, Carl Elefante is very excited about the new award. While praising Robert Ivy’s selection, the businessman said that Ivy deserved everything he was getting. Carl congratulates Robert Ivy, saying that has been working as the chief executive officer of the company since the year 2011, and he had proved beyond reasonable doubt that he was skilled in all the projects he was undertaking. Ivy has great skills in editing and writing books. The businessman has been an ambassador for the architect profession for so many years. Getting the prestigious award is the perfect way to crown his professional and personal achievements. The Mississippi native has also been doing so much for the communities living in the area.

Robert Ivy expertise has not come in the easy way. His website shows that the businessman went for his first degree in English and literature from one of the leading universities in the country. After graduating, the businessman felt that he wanted to pursue a course in architect, and this is why he enrolled for a degree in the subject. Robert Ivy has written several publications and at the same time worked for several organizations in the United States.

AIA was established in 1857. It works coherently to design valuable, standard and suitable infrastructure within our towns and community. The Institution has its headquarters in Washington DC although it is also responsible for coordinating activities of over 300 other AIA chapters across the country. Aha has more than 90,000 members around the US. American Institute of Architects is also responsible for issuing licenses to qualified architects in the country.

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