OSI Group President David McDonald

David G. McDonald’s Background Information

David McDonald has a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. He grew up on a farm in Iowa, which explains his great love and passion for animals and agriculture. McDonald’s first major career move was joining OSI Industries. OSI is a multi national food processing company that reaches more than seventeen countries. His career start with OSI was the position of Project Manager.

During this time McDonald was able to expand OSI’s clientele from Latin America to Asia. He worked his way up the career ladder and is now the President and COO of the OSI Group, LLC. McDonald is a member of St. Michael School Board and is very active in the St. Michael Parish. McDonald is active in various organizations and activities by Iowa State University.

Career Advancements and Acknowledgments

McDonald wears multiple hats, which include Chairman of North American Institute and director of OSI Foods in Australia. OSI recently added Baho Food to their European business region. By acquiring Baho Food to their corporation, OSI now has a much wider range and notability in Europe.

By acquiring Baho, OSI now has the ability to reach and service more customers in multiple European countries. OSI will keep all staff and merge them with OSI. By keeping Baho staff, the transition will be simple. Both OSI and Baho staff will be able to work together on the strategic plans to create better corporation. OSI executives work diligently to create and implement a stronger strategy to ensure the growth of the company. OSI’s plan consist of not only growing the company internally, but externally as well by having the ability to reach other countries in the future. OSI is surely going to continue to rise to the occasion, OSI has a promising career ahead of it.

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