Drink Eight Glasses of Waiakea Water per Day for Optimal Benefits

Waiakea Water is a premier brand of bottled water from Hawaii. It is naturally enriched with minerals. The water is a good source of minerals, including calcium and potassium. They have been naturally added during the filtering process. This healthy and natural water is sold online, and can be delivered with a variety of available delivery plans.


In addition to its mineral content, Waiakea Water has other healthful contents. The water is naturally filtered through a porous section of volcanic rock. It’s high in electrolyte count and it is naturally alkaline. Waiakea Water has a pH content ranging from 7.6 to 8.2, providing for its healthy alkaline level. This makes it unique from most other brands of bottled water. The Chief Executive Officer and founder of the company is Ryan Emmons. The company was founded in 2012. Ryan explains that all brands of bottled water are not alike. A good pH level of alkaline can help maintain good health by detoxing the body, as opposed to beverages with a highly acidic content. The source of the water is also to know. The additional feature that the water is naturally enriched with minerals also enhances its healthful benefits.

Brian Emmons wanted Waiakea Water to be different. He wanted to create a brand of bottled water that would stand out from the rest. Some other brands of bottled water can come from questionable sources, and they can be highly acidic. His brand of bottled water comes from the natural water source of Waiakea, located on the main island of Hawaii. Ryan is very proactive when it comes to the environment and sustainability. Growing up, he lived both in California and Hawaii. He loves the beautiful natural settings of both of these states. Ryan is committed to running his business in a highly ethical manner to do his part in protecting the environment.



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