Tempus Labs and Eric Lefkofsky May Change the Shape of Modern Medicine

Tempus Labs may be the future of cancer treatment and medicine. With everything the health tech startup has accomplished it’s hard to believe it was only founded three years ago. It has quickly become one of the most reputable medical institutions in the the U.S. It has drawn the attention of many established cancer centers throughout the nation. Tempus provides a wide range of cancer testing based on big data analytics. The company believes that big data analytics is the key to revolutionizing the way we combat cancer.

Tempus also has some notable co-signs for its mission of innovating cancer treatment. Eric Topol is a believer and even listed the company on his annual list of companies who made important advancements in technology. Tempus shared the list with several other groundbreaking companies focusing on making improvements toward various medical illnesses and disorders.

About Eric Lefkosky

Eric Lefkosky is a multi-billionaire businessman and co-founder of Tempus Labs. He also serves as CEO of the company. Though he is responsible for many successes the one that stands out the most is probably his co-founding of Groupon. His nearly spotless track record is the reason he is considered one of the most influential individuals in the Midwest.

As a young man Eric thought he would have a career exclusively in law. After all, he did study law at the University of Michigan. It wasn’t until he graduated from law school that he realized he had a talent for entrepreneurship. He and a friend founded a successful clothing brand and the rest is history. He’s been investing in and founding companies ever since.

Cancer treatment has become something close to Eric’s heart. Though he and his staff of employees at Tempus are not actively trying to cure cancer they may clear the path to it with their research.

For details: www.tempus.com/about-us/

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