Enhanced Athlete Enhances Your Physique

While there are many exercise and body-building systems in the fitness industry that offer promising results that facilitate in positive dietary changes and healthy bulking of the body, Enhanced Athlete is one such notable athletic brand that is constantly striving to provide the best knowledge, services, and products for their customers. Enhanced Athlete offers services in personal training, nutritional products, training gear, and vlogs that are filled with information concerning bodybuilding and exercise. Concurrently, Enhanced Athletic has two sister companies titled Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Coaching that offer services and products meant to enhance the customers’ fitness experience. Enhanced Coaching offers programs to help their clients achieve their desired body through diet and meal prep plans, custom workouts, and customized fitness plans. Enhanced Gear is dedicated to retail and offers hoodies, thermals, shorts, tank tops, shaker bottles, gym bags, and other branded accessories.


Along with intensive training, nutrition is an extremely vital component to the Enhanced Athlete brand as well as to achieving maximum results in preparing to perform in body-building competitions. The team at Enhanced Athlete recommends avoiding excessive carbohydrates but to have an intake of sugar and complex carbohydrates to regain strength and endurance if your energy is drained. When it comes to sugar, the Enhanced Athlete team suggests putting jam that contains a low amount of sugar on a rice cake to initiate a regulated amount of sugar into your body after an intense workout and only eat sugar if the source is fruit. The Enhanced Athlete team coined the “window system” which was created to distinguish the ideal timeframe of twenty minutes as the amount of time needed to replenish sugars after intense training followed by a full meal for another fifteen minutes.


As important as nutrition is, the type of vitamins and health products that are taken into the body is also essential. Enhanced Athlete provides vitamins that all contain D3, Vitamin B12, and natural ingredients. Magnesium and Green tea extract are also two common ingredients used in their products that supply many health benefits. With the use of intensive training, strict nutritional boundaries, and a team that aims to help individuals dedicated to enhancing their physique, Enhanced Athlete is the all-inclusive shop that will help you mold your body to perfection.

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