Kamil Idris Stresses That Intellectual Property Has Value To The Fabric Of Human Society:

Professor Kamil Idris is an expert in intellectual property who serves as the head of the International Court of Arbitration and Mediation. He is the former Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization. Kamil Idris recently addressed the upcoming World Intellectual Property Day event that is scheduled for April. World Intellectual Property Day was started eight years ago and has been growing steadily. This years event will see the largest number of participating organizations and governments to date that will join the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for the celebration.


The Protection of intellectual property is a vital endeavour. A lack of protection for intellectual property would mean that numerous revolutionary technologies would never become available to the public and the broadcasts that entertain so many people would never take place. At the heart of World Intellectual Property Day is a celebration of the ingenuity of the human spirit and mind. It is the protection of intellectual property that truly acts as the impetus behind making sure that the best in human ingenuity sees the light of day.


Kamil Idris makes a point of emphasizing that WIPO has a firm belief that intellectual property holds great importance to society as a whole and should serve as a vehicle for the creative spirit of humanity. At its heart, World Intellectual Property Day is put together to serve as a celebration of the creative spirit of humanity that has brought us from humble roots to the technological revolution that we live in now. It is of the utmost importance that intellectual property is protected for the good of the world. It is a matter of our continued advancement. This makes the announcement that this years event will be joined by record numbers of participants all the more exciting. The more cohesive a bond that the world markets can forge in relation to intellectual property, the better for the world.


Kamil Idris also stresses the importance of the World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD). WASD is at the forefront of networking the most important people and organizations in the world in regard to sustainable development. WASD is a promoter of knowledge exchange of the type that naturally ties into the importance of intellectual property protection.




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