Jeunesse Global Best Anti Aging Products

With a market and distributor base extending around the globe, Jeunesse is becoming an increasingly worldwide brand with customers from all areas. It is no wonder that Jeunesse is popular as it appeals to every human’s desire to stay youthful. Indeed, Jeunesse was founded on this principle of vibrant living even into the later years, and its founding on September 9, 2009 at 9 pm reflects its focus on longevity and youthfulness. With nine product lines that improve youthfulness throughout every body system, Jeunesse stands poised to further improve its client base and make itself a household name in even more countries in the upcoming years.

Part of living a long, healthy and happy life is maintaining a healthy weight because obesity is associated with so many diseases. Those who keep their weight down, maintain a healthy BMI and lower their waist circumferences can see lowered risk factors for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and many other chronic conditions. With ZEN Project 8 through Jeunesse, individuals can follow a simple eight-week plan to reduce their weight while also learning how to eat healthfully.

ZEN Project 8 follows a three-step process to first detoxify the body before burning fat and maintaining good results. First, in the detox phase, individuals will drop certain ingredients from their diets that are most associated with bloating, such as wheat products. Next, they will learn to eat only clean foods that focus on low-fat proteins along with moderate amounts of healthy carbs and fats while increasing water intake. During the Ignite phase, individuals will burn extra calories, melt away extra fat on the body, sculpt a toned look and restore their body cells with ZEN Fuze protein shakes. Finally, the Thrive phase focuses on maintaining good results with clean eating and ZEN supplements.

Each phase will be supplemented with ZEN Project 8 supplements, such as ZEN Fuze, Shape and Prime. Prime is a supplement for cleansing the body with such ingredients as milk thistle. Shape uses African mango seed extract to boost metabolism. Fuze is a protein shake and Fit is a fruit punch-flavored amino acid supplement.

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