Tony Petrello: The Makings Of An Oil Tycoon.

Tony Petrello is a highly successful business model from Yale university, where he went on to complete his masters. During his time at Yale he met his wife university who went on to become a TV producer, dancer and actress. After university he went to McKenzie and Baker where he was an employee of the arbitration and the accounting department. He’s successes in that field that fostered his promotion to regional managing partner at the New York department. Coming from a humble home in new jersey, he’s always been a high achiever both academically and socially and his hunger for excellence has led hi, to where he is today.

Before he was appointed the CEO of Nabors, he worked directly under the CEO making a solid reputation for himself, he was quite excellent as the COO and was in prime position to be considered for Chief Executive Officer. He was appointed president in 1992, he’s industrialism and ability to spot opportunities, led his company to becoming the largest land drilling company in the world. Making a series of purchases, he brought together strategic well and drilling companies like Grace drilling, buying them for millions of dollars. He also became the chairman of board’s executive committee. His appetite for expansion and success has made him one of the most successful Nabors CEO’s.

Using his legal and business expertise, Tony Petrello knew how to combine the law with business ideas and opportunities. His way with words led him to striking a deal with Kazakhstan based oil company, KazMunayGas. The areas in Kazakhstan unexplored where then utilised by the companies obtaining large profit in the process. After this collaboration he then went on to form a strategic partnership with the world’s largest oil company Saudi Aramco. A company that is in charge of the master gas system, the largest hydrocarbon system in the world. In a highly competitive market Tony Petrello has given his company the platform to grow and expand in just a short period of time.

His successes and workload in the oil and gas sector has not stopped him from pursuing other ventures, as he is currently the director of The company that supplies the best quality videos in quick time on demand. He’s also a director at the Hilltop Energy Company, a privately owned highly lucrative oil and natural gas company, specifically the largest oil producers in Louisiana.

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