Deirdre Baggot’s Advice About Bundled Payments

Deirdre Baggot is someone well respected in the healthcare payment reform industry. She has helped reform payment options for employers, commercial payors, medicaid and medicare in countless hospitals across the country. Her presence also extends to the CMS where he is an Expert Reviewer. Current she is vice president of the The Camden Group, a company based out of El Segundo, California. It comes to no surprise that she was featured on the website Fierce Healthcare to discuss bundled payments.

Recently the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation confirmed they are expanding the bundled payments program. They have proven successful in the past, but it takes strong leadership and forethought to make it work. She lists the 4 hard truths to the program. First, don’t waste time on things the patients doesn’t truly need. Focus on the exact procedures and treatment required. Having a fixed price ready will make the process more efficient for all parties. The second point is there are no medicine exclusives or guarantees. Everyone gets exactly what they paid for, no more no less. Costs have to stay low otherwise nobody will buy. Read more at to learn more.

The third point is especially important. The leader has to keep changes under control. Leaders and groups with too much power can clog up the system and prevent things from moving. Change is always an aspect of growing, and those with strong leaders will come out on top. Lastly, the fourth truth is about accountability. An evidence-based needs to be in place to catch any unusual activity. The idea that a patient can go somewhere else needs to be tossed out. A medical office should want to keep every client.

There are not many people like Deirdre Baggot in the medical field. Her expertise has proven helpful countless times over the years, This article shows how difficult bundled payments can be for hospitals. While they are beneficial for both parties, they involve heavy attention to detail. Patients deserve only the best treatment, with the best resources, and performed in the most cost efficient and effective manner. Bundled Payments help to streamline this process.


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