The RealReal – and the Future of Fasion

Upon visiting, I was immediately asked to sign in. This company is aware of current social media trends… I was told that I could sign in using This was very handy, and quick. I avoided signing up via e-mail, among other things. One of the perks to signing up with facebook, is being re-directed to their website, and getting an instant $25 USD coupon to use in their store, online!

According to the article, Why You Should Love Second Hand Fashion Now, the RealReal was Founded in 2011 by Julie Wainwright. She has a background in tech, and founded the RealReal because she saw an opportunity to merge consignment (second-hand) shopping online with a real life shopping experience, in person. All of their items that are present at their physical locations are also available online. Shopping at their stores in person is rumoured to be very similar (feeling-wise), to shopping online! Things can disappear fast!

The RealReal has an Instagram. This shows the company’s awareness of social media, and it’s cultural significance. More specifically, their company using Instagram is a great way to influence their customers in a way that boosts sales and over-all profit. A picture says a thousand words…

The first picture I would like to discuss is their most recent picture. It is a picture of one of the most auspicious art museums in the world, The Louvre. This shows the people (and potential customers) that they consider themselves to be a luxury consignment shop. While this idea might not make sense to a lot of people it definitely adds an element of fancifulness, and style. Other photos include pictures of designer brands such as Gucci. After learning more about The RealReal, giving them a try makes sense!

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