Malcolm CasSelle: Seeing the Future of Tech

Ask in the free market shall provide. Is a mantra often heard from many sources. In some cases, it is actually proven true. An example in which these words became reality is in the work of OPSkins. This company was able to hear the silent needs of millions of gamers worldwide. What were their cries calling for large undiscovered need was the need for a viable method through which to trade digital goods. Gamers who wish to sell their virtual possessions or purchase new ones struggle with finding a good place in which to do this. The market currently suffers from a large amount of fragmentation. This fragmentation leads people to struggle when searching for a market for their goods. This virtual market holds a major source of potential for growth.

The response of the company it was to found WAX. WAX is short for world asset exchange. This new platform will provide gamers with the centralized market that they crave. It offers even more than that. In order to combat fried the developers have made security a primary focus. Especially when dealing with digital goods fraud can cost individuals dearly. By implementing a new form a blockchain they are able to guarantee a safer transaction between users. This is fabulous news for those looking to shopper buy these digital possessions.

For most of the enterprising minds responsible for this development is Malcolm CasSelle. Malcolm is known for his understanding of the digital age. In the earliest days, he even had the foresight to invest in companies such as Facebook or Zynga. His finger has not swayed from the polls of modern trends even a hair, recently Malcolm also tactfully invested in Bitcoin. These investments show his ability to understand the trends and needs of the marketplace and how they will ultimately respond. It also provides him and the company is that he works with an intricate view into the next big trend. As far as education goes Malcolm has received a bachelors degree from MIT and a Masters degree from Stanford. Both of these degrees are in computer science.

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