Richard Dwayne Blair is an Excellent Financial Planner

Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions is an expert financial planner who is a specialist in many areas. His impressive range of credentials is well suited for all market conditions as well as the important considerations that impact one’s financial life. He serves the Austin, Tx. area and other surrounding locales with a community-minded spirit. When it comes to retirement planning and wealth management this veteran with loads of financial savvy will be a difference maker.

The expertise that Blair has accumulated during the course of his career has inspired him to codify his approach. He uses a Three Pillars system to lay the groundwork for financial independence. This is comprehensive and detailed which gives his clients confidence in their finances as they experience life’s many chapters.

The First Pillar involves Richard Dwayne Blair and the client sitting down to fashion a custom financial roadmap. Blair’s analytical skills help him determine the route as he comprehends their goals and tolerance for risk. He also considers the best possibilities for growth as they together begin the process of forging a lasting relationship.

Long-term investing is how Blair implements the compounding principle and this is the Second Pillar. This too is personalized to the client’s unique financial situation and encompasses their goals and needs for liquidity from month to month. Blair is an active manager who is able to quickly reposition a client’s portfolio as conditions warrant. This means that gains are magnified when the market is trending up and losses can be minimized when dark clouds loom over the economic horizon.

Richard Dwayne Blair has one more important step in taking care of his clients and this is the Third Pillar. He implements the expertly designed program and then carefully monitors everything on a regular basis. He will draw comparisons to model portfolios as well as the client’s expectations.

The world of education has borne an imprint on Blair as he’s been powerfully inspired by the teachers in his family. He enjoys teaching effective investing and financial principles to his clients. His desire was to run his own business so he could provide outstanding service in wealth management and financial planning.


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