Images an Standards: How Whitney Wolfe Handles Her Dating Apps

There are a lot of issues that are online. These issues are more apparent on social media and dating apps. One of the issues is that people are showing certain racy images. Women do this too. They show pictures of their intimate parts. However, this is something that Whitney Wolfe is not going to allow to happen with her Bumble app. One thing she wants to do is keep everything classy and welcoming. Therefore, she has also put a ban on gun photos because of the messages that people can get from these photos. For one thing, she is aware of a lot of the violence against women as well as men coming from guns.

One thing that is admirable about Whitney Wolfe is that she is not afraid to offend some people. She has principles that she stands for. Therefore, she is not going to back down when someone gets offended. She is also facing a lot of attacks and threats. However, she is showing that she is going to fight for what she believes in. Therefore, people who try to change her mind are only talking to a brick wall. Whitney Wolfe is an example of someone who aligns her business sense with her beliefs.

Many people sell themselves out so that they can make a few extra dollars. This shows that they don’t have that strong of a belief in their cause. However, Whitney Wolfe is someone who is not going to change unless her beliefs change. In order for her beliefs to change, she has to see, read, hear or experience something that has a huge influence in her beliefs. Her commitment to being authentic has gained her the popularity and credibility as a feminist. Given that she has principles, she is also carrying a lot of strength and character.

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