Francisco Domenech uses creativity as a community organization tool

Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, but Young Democrats of Puerto Rico founder, Francisco Domenech keeps on a steady course to improve the island and the conditions found in his homeland. The young individuals smiles in his suit, but is not afraid to pull up his sleeves when the need arises.

Domenech is a University of Puerto Rico alumni, and his bachelor of science in political science has served him well since he left the school in the early 2010s. The young politician has worked on several campaigns, including that of Former First Lady and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Despite the unexpected result of the 2016 presidential elections, the young man remains optimistic, and he views the current administration as an aberration. Learn more about Francisco Domenech on their Twitter page.

Founding a group like the Young Democrats seemed to be an obvious idea to Francisco Domenech, as he aligned more closely with the party’s ideals than the ideals of the Republican party. Similar groups, such as the Young Republicans already existed for the other side in other places in the country. The formation of a Young Democrats organization only needed a little push. Domenech took his time to meet with like-minded individuals who shared his ideals.

The up-and-coming Puerto Rican political figure makes sure to take time out of each day to spend time with his two daughters, even though he packs his schedule each morning. Before heading off to work, he needs to catch up on e-mails, read local and national news, and make sure his daughters are ready for school. Sometime during this process, he needs to read his e-mails.

Domenech attributes part of his success to coming from a family of creative minds. He uses these creative urges to organize people. Through organization and political action, he hopes to see positive political change both on his island and in the nation.



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