How Dr. Mark McKenna Plans To Turn Elective Healthcare On Its Head

Dr. Mark McKenna is the founder and chief executive officer of OVME, a business where people can have cosmetic surgery performed on them. His business opened in early 2018 and it offers people a luxurious experience as well as the latest in technology. His goal in starting OVME was to offer a patient-focused experience, convenience, and technology that can be used to achieve the exact look that a person is seeking.

He spent a few years developing the concept of OVME before opening this company’s doors. Dr. Mark McKenna says that he wants to completely rebuild the paradigm of obtaining cosmetic surgery. He says that the market he is targeting is discerning patients who want the best in everything they buy whether its a house, car, tech device, or medical service like he offers. He says that technology has completely changed the elective healthcare industry over the past several years just like it has changed every other industry. He says this technological change has resulted in a better experience for patients as well as greatly improved patient outcomes. However, the technology doesn’t replace the human element but rather complements what the medical provider delivers.

One technological advance that Dr. Mark McKenna is highly interested in is on-demand apps. There is now a wide range of apps that allow medical providers and patients to connect to one another remotely. These are very convenient to use and can provide timely medical advice. He says these apps are particularly great for those people who live in rural areas and so have a difficult time getting access to healthcare.

In the distant past, doctors traveled to patients rather than the other way around like it is today. While this provides a number of advantages there are downsides, such as how long it takes a person to access medical care. Dr. Mark McKenna is developing an app to switch this around to how it used to be. People will use the OVME app and a licensed cosmetic surgery provider will travel to them. People will be able to get Botox treatments, laser hair removal, and other services from the comfort of their own home.

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