OG Juan Turns 50 in Style

JAY Z, the hip-hop guru, knows how to show the birthday love. He hit the town over the weekend on Presidents’ Day and reportedly shelling out approximately 113,000 dollars during birthday celebrations for OG Juan Perez, who is a close friend as well as a business partner. Joined by close friends, the president of the Roc Nation Sports together with Carter-Knowles chum hit in his fiftieth years with an unbelievable style that included a very lavish price tag: $9000on drinks, $13,000 on dinner, and a legendary $91,000 tab at the club.

According to Page Six, OG Juan Perez and Jay Z, Roc Nation Executives, Desiree Perez (OG Juan’s wife) and close friends began the lavish night in Midtown. They dined at Zuma, which is an internationally-acclaimed modern Japanese restaurant, on Sunday evening. A well-known Hova and Bey favorite, Zuma restaurant served the party with an abundant of sushi, steak, and lobster to the tune of 13,000 dollars. From there, the group went to the Inwood based restaurant nightclub hotspot known as Made in Mexico.

Splurging on drinks for people to enjoy, Jay Z spent another 9,000 dollars on liquor. sources reported that the rapper was continuously ordering D’USSÉ, which is a Cognac that the mega-mogul is heading global strategy and is serving as a co-owner. The group reportedly split after finishing that first round of drinks; only OG Juan Perez, Jay Z, and four other close friends closed down that night at Playroom Nightclub. The crew from the Roc Nation partied until morning while indulging on twenty bottles of the champagne brand known as Ace of Spades Gold and another twenty of the champagne called Ace of Spades Rosé. One of the servers posted the Roc Nation crew’s receipt on Snapchat. This rapidly turned the story of “OG Perez Birthday Bash” viral.

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