Alex Hern: Master of Focus

Alex Hern has spent more than a quarter-century as an entrepreneur. He is currently the CEO of Tsunami AR/VR, a company he also founded. Among Alex Hern’s many accomplishments are the following.


  • Co-founder and Director of Inktomi.
  • Director and co-founder of Yesmail.
  • Co-founder of Military Commercial Technologies. Hern served there as both Chairman and CEO.
  • Founder and Director of the cybersecurity company Arcsight. Arcsight was later sold to HP for $1.5 billion.
  • Co-founder and Director of network security company Cloudshield.

In an interview on IdeaMensch[1], Alex Hern offers up insights on a range of topics. Asked about where the idea from Tsunami AR/VR came from, Hern indicated that it came from observing that in this emerging GPU driven era in computing, that demand for new types of applications emphasizing the audio and visual over the textual would grow. Hern sees this increased emphasis on the aural and spatial aspects of computing as ushering in a new era in computing.On the subject of productivity, Alex Hern opined that he avoided multi-tasking. He noted that however much the media might push the idea of multi-tasking that science showed a decided benefit from single-tasking. Hern says focus is the very core of productivity.

Hern said that the emerging technologies of augmented reality, graphical applications using the cloud for their underlying computations, and XR were the areas he is most excited about.Looking back on his life, Alex Hern said he would tell his younger self to back off and realize life’s a marathon, not a 100-yard dash, and to plan accordingly. Hern is a consistently early riser and recommends it to all entrepreneurs. To anyone looking for a great idea for a new business, Hern recommends creating software that melds big data with accounting. Hern feels that would increase transparency.Alex Hern said the best $100 he’s spent in a while was giving his daughter $100 to start a dog walking business. As to a favorite book, Hern recommends The One Thing, a tome on the power of focus.

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  1. Skye Randy
    September 29, 2018 at 5:05 pm

    Business groups have to keep the focus growing and I think a better plan as yet will have to be on the way. I have seen that has been so far really great and has been the right decision that most authors make. Having to carry on with such legacy I think it should be a little behind to get ready while keeping the focus.

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