The Innovative Techniques of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Dr. Sam Jejurikar is one of the most important names in the medical community. This doesn’t mean that everyone instantly recognizes his name when it comes up in conversation. But it does mean that anyone interested in plastic surgery should understand why he’s so well respected.

He primary works on the face, eyes, nose, breast and overall body as a whole. But there’s a lot more to medical treatment than scope of practice. One of the more important aspects is simply how well he handles patient’s needs. His own patients rated him very highly in thoroughness of examination. This phrasing can be somewhat obscure. But it essentially means that he’s very careful in understanding every aspect of a patient’s needs before proceeding.

This extra care doesn’t just help him. It also helps his patients make educated decisions. One doesn’t need to simply look at patient reviews to see that either. The revies, in turn, touch on more strict evaluations. And this is in part why he was awarded with the prestigious Compassionate Doctor Certification. The award essentially shows that he goes above and beyond for his patients.

The award recognizes someone who puts more than the necessary amount of work into his craft. Recipients aren’t just in it to meet standards, but to exceed them on behalf of their patients. It’s not an easy award to receive, by any means. Only an estimated 3% or so of physicians have what it takes to meet the criteria. And again, this is also heavily influenced by patient experience. It shows that both industry experts and patients alike recognize Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s expertise.

Shortly after receiving that award he was given something more. He’d receive the Business Excellence from the American Registry. All of this comes together to show that Dr. Jejurikar has a career that people can count on.

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