Jacob Gottlieb: Leaving a Career in Medicine for Entrepreneurship

Many people in the United States are looking at their present careers as something that they never dreamed of. As a result, there is a growing percentage of professionals who are leaving their profession to take up another career path. Jacob Gottlieb is a great example of this kind of individual. He graduated having a BA Degree in Economics, and later on, acquired a Doctor of Medicine Degree, and he also received a distinction as a magna cum laude. His parents felt proud after seeing their son graduate with such honors. Being a brilliant student himself, Jacob Gottlieb decided to continue his internship immediately after he graduated so that he could obtain his license to perform his profession

He became a good doctor, serving the people who needed his services. While he is practicing his profession, he also tried learning how to invest. Using what he learned during his college days under his BA Economics degree, he managed to develop strategies that would make him a competent trader. He left his profession in the field of medicine and decided to transfer to the world of business and finance. He told his parents that he would further excel in the business field, and he showed them how he could earn a lot of money by founding the Visium Asset Management LLC in 2005. He took the role as the company’s chief investment officer, and he also became its managing partner.

Back when he was a child, his parents knew that he would become an entrepreneur eventually. As a young child, Jacob Gottlieb is known for being a business minded person. He would buy drinks from a local grocery and sell it to golf players playing at a nearby country club. At school, he wins contests which are built for investors. His father even witnessed how he triumphed in a contest that allows the students to guess which stock would eventually succeed. Even if he changed his profession and career path, Jacob Gottlieb stated that he does not feel any regrets, because he is currently living the life that he wanted, and he keeps on earning more profit.

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