Herbalife And Their Iced Coffee Sounds Yummy!

Love coffee? How about mocha flavored iced coffee? “Sounds delicious,” I thought. “Uh-Oh, how many calories? How much sugar?” In this fast-paced world watching what I consume on-the-go can be a difficult task. Between home and work during the summer heat, my body thirsts for a cold beverage with enough protein to sustain me until my next meal.


Herbalife Nutrition has recently announced their unique twist on coffee. No, no I don’t have to brew anything. No special fancy coffee machine needed. All I needed was water, Herbalife’s High Protein Iced Coffee drink mix, and some ice. The directions said to use two scoops of the drink mix with water, shake, then add over ice. Simple enough. Now to the particulars. One hundred calories per serving. Awesome! Fifteen grams of protein. Okay. Two grams of sugar. Great! Eighty milligrams of caffeine. Good. It goes on to say there are no artificial flavors or added colors. It is also low on fat. This sounds like a good refreshing drink to take with me on the go, or to drink after a workout, and maybe even while at work. One article states that mocha is the only flavor they will have available, at the moment. However, Herbalife Nutrition indicated they will add additional flavors in the future. Now we all know, eating healthy is not always pocket-friendly. Herbalife indicates for a twelve-ounce bag you get fourteen servings for $38.50. I went to Herbalife’s website and found that I must purchase through their distributor. I sent an email to them requesting further information on how to order. At the moment, I await their reply.


I was not familiar with Herbalife Nutrition. I went online to quickly get a brief introduction about them. In one site, it states that in 1980 Mark Hughes, chairman and CEO founded Herbalife International. They are a worldwide marketing corporation that creates, advertises, and sells health related supplements. High Protein Iced Coffee, Herbalife24 Formula 1 Sport, and Herbalife SKIN are just a few of their various products. It goes on to say that, Herbalife reported net sales of about $4 billion U.S. dollars in the year 2016. The business is incorporated in the Cayman Islands, with its corporate headquarters located in Los Angeles, California. The company runs in ninety-five countries (as of 2015) with about three million distributors. After reading that, I thought, “well they certainly weren’t a small mom and pop’s store after all.”






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