Shervin Pishevar: Stocks, High-Tech, and Bitcoin

As today’s modern economy continues to evolve, more and more aspects are coming under greater scrutiny. From a stock market that seems to have no end in sight to virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and high-tech companies in Silicon Valley, the U.S. economy has many people thinking few if any problems are ahead. However, as venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar sees things, the picture looks very different. In a tweet storm lasting 21 hours, he laid out many predictions that left investors wondering about their next moves.

While many people see stocks sailing along for many more months, Shervin Pishevar believes a bubble will soon burst, sending stock prices tumbling more than 6,000 points. To counter this crisis that he believes will be caused by a bond market that is much too volatile to be a positive influence on the overall stock market, he wants many investors to turn their attention to gold, which is always a steady and safe investment when times get tough.

And for those executives and employees of Silicon Valley companies, Shervin Pishevar wants them to wake up and commit themselves to excellence once again. While often considered untouchable in the high-tech sector, Silicon Valley is more vulnerable than ever, according to Shervin Pishevar. Citing increased competition from China, he sees Silicon Valley struggling to regain its place in the industry as a leader of innovation and marketing. Instead, he thinks Silicon Valley will be forced to learn some hard lessons along the way, before it may ultimately find its way to the top once again.

Last but certainly not least, Shervin Pishevar set his sights on the virtual currency Bitcoin. Becoming more and more popular worldwide, it is used for numerous applications. However, Shervin Pishevar views this rather new industry as one that will also experience a severe drop in points, maybe by as much as 5,000 before the year is over. However, unlike other aspects of the economy, he thinks not only will Bitcoin recover from its losses, but in fact forge ahead to become stronger than ever before, making virtual currency investors very happy.

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