Alex Hern Is Not An Entrepreneur Who Is Willing To Accept Failure:


Alex HernAlex Hern has had an interesting and varied entrepreneurial career which goes back over twenty-five years now. During that two and a half decade span of time, Alex Hern has placed a large part of his focus on startup tech companies. He has achieved some impressive accomplishments over that span of time that include being one of the individuals behind the search technology that was utilized by Yahoo and MSN among others. Alex Hern was also the entrepreneur behind Military Commercial Technologies. He was that firm’s CEO as well as Chairman. Even with these past successes secure, Alex continues to strive to accomplish more in business and this has led to his latest project known as Tsunami.


In terms of how Alex Hern came to the decision to start up Tsunami, he had spent a lot of time thinking on the fact that there was a major shift in the world of computing going on. This shift was from CPU over to GPU. Alex recognized that there was a real niche to be filled there are far as how some new capabilities could be leveraged. This was where the initial inspiration for Tsunami came from. Alex felt that he needed to take advantage of this opportunity quickly.


Alex Hern is interested in a number of things and these include AI and machine learning. Cloud computing is another significant interest of his. Particularly in the area of virtual reality, Alex sees great possibility and plans to do things that really change the industry in terms of this potential-filled niche. Tsunami is going to be the vehicle that Alex uses to make these massive changes to the tech world. With Alex’s attitude that failure is simply not an option, it is not hard to envision future success for the entrepreneur in these areas that he has promised big things from.

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