Tech Expert Robert Deignan Explains Why A Lot Of People Need To Put Some Limits On Their Screen Time

Robert Deignan has been an entrepreneur in the technology sector since 1998. It was in that year that this Boca Raton-based businessman co-founded his first company, Fanlink, Inc. He’s now the chief executive officer at another firm he co-founded, ATS Digital Services, LLC, in August 2011. His company helps people figure out their technological devices and troubleshoots issues, including by remoting into their computers.

While technology has proven to be a great thing in business and in people’s personal lives it’s not without its issues. In particular, it can be too much of a good thing. Many people spend up to eight hours a day working at a computer for their jobs and then spend their personal time staring at their smartphone.

Robert Deignan says that people need to find a balance in their lives and make sure they are doing something in their lives than staring at screens. It’s not just any one thing people are consuming as they stare at screens for social media, video streaming, emails, texts, and everything else. Add it all up and too much of a person’s day is spent looking at screens instead of the world and people around them.

He says that the use of technology can even change the brain and how we think. Robert Deignan shared the results of a study done of London, England taxi drivers. London is a huge city with poorly laid out cities so these taxi drivers spend about four years training to commit it all to memory. The study showed that after they finished this trading the hippocampus in their brain grew larger.

He says the study shows that any type of training like this, including staring at screens all day, changes the brain and teaches it to pay attention to information in a way that is quite different than how it would the written word.

Robert Deignan says technology is not bad and is actually beneficial. However, people need to put reasonable limits in place. At work try to do work that doesn’t involve a computer. At home try reading a book or spending time with family or friends, sans technology.

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