Neurocore: New Neurotherapy Techniques

It is now possible to train your brain in the same way that an athlete trains his body by utilizing new advances in technology. At Neurocore individuals are able to have their brain assessed and are able to be given specific training protocols utilizing these advances in technology to treat a wide array of disorders and enhance their overall performance.

Neurocore are located in the states of Michigan and Florida. Whenever an individual enters one of these brain performance training centers they will first have their brain diagnosed. The brain’s electrical activity will be analyzed and this data will be used to diagnose the source of the symptoms that the patient is experiencing. After the intake part of the process is completed the brain performance training begins. See more information about Neurocore at

The brain performance training utilizes neurofeedback and biofeedback in order to take advantage of the ability for the brain to change which is called Neuroplasticity. Neurofeedback is utilized in a process that involves a patient watching a movie while their brain is hooked to sensors and analyzed. Whenever the brain is out of its therapeutic range the movie will immediately halt however if you are within its therapeutic range the movie will continue to play. This will allow you to gain better control over your mind. Over the course of 30 sessions, the brain will adapt and learn how to stop going out of range and improve its overall function. Biofeedback is used in order to help you learn to breathe deeper and slower which will lead to maximal heart function and oxygenation of the human body.


There are a number of conditions that these techniques are able to help. There are a number of key benefits that are conferred through the application of these techniques including the ability to enhance your overall focus and attention. Users have also noted both an increase in their energy level during the waking hours of the day as well as an improvement in their quality of sleep. Perhaps most notably individuals who have undergone the 30 session protocol have both improved mood and a reduction in stress and anxiety. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

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