TMS Health Solutions Has A Philosophy For Revolutionizing Depression Care

At TMS Health Solutions, the goal of treating clinical depression is a priority that simply will not be topped by anything else. Led by Dr. Richard Bermudes, the team at TMS Solutions have been working hard since they first opened their doors to the public back in 2007. Located throughout Northern California, including Sacramento and Oakland, the team at TMS has been pushing forward innovative treatment solutions for people suffering from clinical depression and lives are being changed and saved as a result. Today, we are going to hone in on the treatment that has put their facility on the map so that more people might find their way to utilizing it.

Dr. Bermudes has been personally involved in helping to make TMS Therapy one of the leading treatment options for people suffering from clinical depression. TMS stands for ‘Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation’ and it was approved by the FDA for use in addressing clinical depression over a decade ago. In the intervening time, the team at TMS Health Solutions has put TMS Therapy into use on countless patients with the vast, vast majority of these patients finding near instantaneous relief. In order to understand why TMS Therapy is so effective, we need to understand a little bit more about the core problem. At TMS Health Solutions, the key focus is on using the power of information in order to keep their patients up-to-date with dealing with their depression, so that is what we will do now.

When you struggle with clinical depression it is very likely that you have a portion of the frontal lobe of your brain that is limited with activity. When this portion of your brain is underactive, symptoms related to clinical depression can begin to manifest. This segment of your brain is a little bit bigger than a standard poker chip. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a targeted form of therapy that sends painless magnetic pulses toward this section of your brain in order to stimulate activity. While most patients undergo multiple sessions, relief is almost immediate and the vast majority of patients find that TMS Therapy also helps their other therapy work more effectively.


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