The Rise and Expansion of OSI Group McDonalds

OSI Group is now currently a global franchise with operations in 17 countries and over 20,000 employees on its payroll. They serve food markets in North America, Europe, Asia, and beyond, and yet started as a few small German immigrant meat distributors living in the Chicago area. As it happens, they grew up not far from Ray Kroc’s first McDonald’s location in Des Plaines, Illiniois, and so as McDonald’s corporation grew and grew, OSI Group McDonalds grew together. Except that they were not always called OSI Group McDonalds, they were actually called “Otto and Sons” at first but changed their name later in 1975 to take on a more professional appearance to match pace with their growth. They hired a new CEO, Sheldon Lavin, who still remains the head to this very day. Yet the unknown force driving behind the success of OSI was actually David McDonald: a small-town agriculture guy from northern Iowa with a family-first, can-do attitude. He graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Animal Sciences, and for the next thirty years or so has continued his love for agriculture into the food industry with OSI Group McDonalds. Read this article at Gazette to know more

OSI Group McDonalds has now grown most recently into the Chinese market. At first they expanded into the European markets by merely acquiring a few European food distribution companies thanks to the success of their American endeavors. The companies which they acquired were called Creative Foods Europe, and the Baho Group (Dutch). In China, however, David strategically entered into Taiwan as it was best for the companies taste in terms of more locally family-oriented employees. They even formed a new group called OSI Asia in order to better segregate operations, and have been seeing great success since the early days of Otto and Sons in the Chicago area.

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