The impact of Gulf Coast Western in the Energy Industry

Matthew Fleeger is an internationally recognized business guru for his entrepreneurial skills and success in managing partnerships and strategic planning. He held an executive post in Medsolutions inc., for thirteen years. Medsolutions central role was the treatment, transportation, and disposal of medical wastes originating from companies specializing in the healthcare.

He later sold his company to Stericycle Inc. and moved on with entrepreneurship in the tanning industry. He helped in the foundation of Palm Beach Tan, an indoor tanning company, and oversaw its growth from humble beginning to one of the most excellent operators countrywide. Matthew also assisted in the formation of Mystic Tan, a spray tanning company that is recognized globally.

Matthew Fleeger’s skills in team building and contract negotiation has enabled Gulf Coast Western to expand its operation through the creation of partnerships. The primary objective of the Gulf Coast Western company is researching, discovering, developing and exploiting domestic oil and gas reserves situated in the Gulf Coast region in America. The knowledge in oil and gas has enabled Matthew Fleeger and his team to select enterprises with minimal assessed risks and with high potential returns, to work with them as participating partners. The mutual trust and respect among the company and its partners have been pointed out as a significant factor that has contributed to its success.

Gulf Coast Western partnered with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy partners in its effort to expand its operations in Southwestern Louisiana. Gulf Coast Westen benefited by obtaining property rights and working interests in thirteen oil producing wells and acquired access to 140 oil locations with about one hundred and thirty million barrels of oil. In Southeastern Louisiana, it partnered with Northcote Energy Limited and obtained working interests and assets, thereby, increasing its operation in Shoats Creek Field, an area with multiple oil wells. Gulf Coast Western company also plans to expand operation outside the borders of the United States.

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