Nick Vertucci’s Story is One of Redemption

Nick Vertucci has made quite the name for himself with his book “Seven Figure Decisions.” In the book he details his belief that in order to get anything there has to be some risk involved. If you always play it safe you’ll never be able to rise beyond the middle class and enter the realm of the super wealthy.

Nick Vertucci is no stranger to risking it all. In the past he has lost everything in an attempt to win big. He learned from his mistakes and has achieved newfound success by taking bold and calculated risks.

In a recent podcast he went into further detail about how he lost everything. In his recap he also gives further insight into the core set of beliefs that make up the foundation that changed his life for the better. Nick’s personal story of overcoming obstacles is one of inspiration for anyone down on their luck at the moment. He preaches perseverance and getting out of your comfort zone to actually pursue your goals.

After someone listens to Nick tell his story and really take in his words, they won’t waste much time focusing on the small changes in their day to day lives anymore. They’ll be more comfortable taking risks and striving to make large alterations in both their business and personal life.

When Nick Vertucci was still a real estate investor most of his success in the field came from his use of a cash flow system. The turnkey system involved putting renters in foreclosures after he and his business partner had rehabbed the properties.

A lesser known fact about Nick Vertucci is that he was actually a student of the real estate training company. Most of what he knows about real estate comes from the information he gathered with the company. Even still it took him a decade to pull himself completely out of debt and start accumulating wealth once again.

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