Talkspace Announces Partnership with Michael Phelps

The number of people who have disclosed the status of their mental health is low in the recent years. The truth of the matters is, many are dealing with serious mental illnesses that need to be addressed by doctors. Without having the right mental state, it is not possible to be happy and productive in their workplace. Many employers have started to take initiatives to make sure that their employees are living a great life free from any mental disorders. Most of the companies that are in the United States are hiring the services of companies such as Talkspace so that they can ensure that their workers are healthy. Check out to read more reviews on talkspace.

Talkspace is a renowned online platform that has the best professionals to handle any mental disorders. The therapists who work in this organization are highly experienced, having worked and handled numerous cases of depression and many other illnesses that deal with the mind. Patients who seek the services of a therapist can be assured of recovery and a better future in the shortest time possible. To create more awareness about the complex mental illnesses, Talkspace has taken a new initiative that has proven to work way better than any other that was used before. The company has sought the partnership of Michael Phelps. Being an internationally recognized professional, Michael Phelps is in a better position to enlighten people about mental health compared to any other in the market.

Michael Phelps will use his story to showcase the effects of depression to the people who are working in offices or any other profession. The businessman has always been recognized because of his expertise in sports. His achievements are what describe the renowned star in the United States. Being in a great career did not stop the businessman from having a depression. After performing and winning numerous award, the star would always go home a very depressed individual. Michael wants all professionals to take the bold step he took several years ago when he sought the help of a therapist. Talkspace, according to Michael Phelps, is an ideal place where professionals can open up about their mental health and access the help they need.

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